Heart of Gratitude is a prayer devotional that allows you to set time aside each week to reflect on the greatness of God. Celebrate regularly how God is blessing you and those around you. In a society that encourages us to focus on getting more and never having enough, Raynika Battle offers a plan to thank God regardless of what may be happening in your life. Is it possible to be thankful in the midst of a storm? Absolutely! With scriptures and words of encouragement, you will be able to have a new perspective on life. It will be a life that is not robbed of joy by focusing on what you don’t have, but one that is eternally grateful as you look toward the cross. Be encouraged as you begin a journey that will transform how you appreciate God

My God Answers Prayer: A Journal to Build Your Faith is a resource to help guide and lead individuals through the discipline of prayer. Many people pray without expectation and when the prayer is answered, we rarely go back to record what God has done for us on paper. This is the purpose of the My God Answers Prayer Journal. 


Individuals will have the opportunity to record their prayers and once God has spoken on the matter, you can go back and write out the answer. This allows us to grow and mature in our faith by seeing the manifestation of God come alive through His answer(s) to us

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