• Raynika Battle


Updated: Apr 11, 2018

If you haven’t seen this hash tag yet, just do a search on any social media platform and you will see its various uses. Essentially it means to stay alert and ready. I thought it would be great to apply this phrase to Matthew 26:39-41 where Jesus went to pray, not long before He was headed to the cross. After returning from praying, He found the disciples asleep. Jesus asked the disciples “so, couldn’t you stay awake with me one hour?” (CSB translation). Are you giving God the time He deserves in your life? How hard is it to stay up and pray one hour? If we are not praying, then we are not communicating with God to hear from Him like we should. God could be trying to speak to us about a situation or someone in our lives but instead of giving Him time, we decide to binge on social media, overload on TV, or even simply go to sleep instead of talking to Him. I want to encourage you that if the world can start an endeavor that encourages them to be alert, as believers we should too. #StayWoke #ForJesus

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