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(Spiritual) Infinity War

I had the chance this past weekend to see the Avengers movie, Infinity War. While I will spare you the movie review (I will save that for another day J), there was one theme I thought was important. You have a dispersed group of super heroes that have to come together to fight a common threat. Some of them have never met, never worked together, or are not on speaking terms. If the heroes don’t work together, this threat will have the ability to destroy human life. One interesting thing about the threat is, this person has always been around, has always been a threat, and he is still a threat for them in the future. Sound familiar?

John 10:10 says “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”. We must always be aware that the enemy works tirelessly to draw us away from God, away from that abundant life. However, when we come together as believers, as a body of Christ, we have the power to defeat the enemy. The same power that raised Christ from the grave resides within us. We cannot be defeated. What should we be doing? We should be coming together in worship, praying with and for one another, and loving each other. Together we are unstoppable.

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