• Raynika Battle

Gratitude Challenge: Week One

A couple of weeks ago, my very dear friend Dominque told me about a challenge that she had started at the end of last year. She told me how the Lord laid it upon her heart to find three things she is grateful for each day for an entire month. Not only did she complete the challenge but she asked some of her friends to join in with her and she has been doing it ever since! For the month of June, she asked me to participate with her. The rules are simple, every day we text each other three things that we are grateful for. I would encourage others to try this same challenge with those closest to you.

Even though this is only the fourth day, I have already been challenged in my faith and in my thinking about gratitude. One of the things I felt the Lord ask me was to find things that you are grateful for, “that do not involve YOU”. How easy is it for us to be thankful for things that do not directly affect us? Philippians 2:4 says “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interest of others”. We have been instructed by God to be considerate of others. Do you want to go deeper in your gratitude towards God? Try thanking Him for the things you see Him doing in the lives of others.

Check back over the next three weeks as I talk more about how this challenge is adding to my perspective of gratitude!

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