• Raynika Battle

Gratitude Challenge: Week 3

Experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit. As I move into 21 days of the challenge this week, I would definitely agree that after almost 3 weeks, it is one of the first things I think about in the morning. I love how it keeps me in tune to see what God has done not only in my life, but also in the lives of others. I had one big take away from this week. It’s not what you I expected. This week I realized that in expressing my gratitude towards God that God has never been unaware of my situations.

When I thank Him for the health of my family, I remember those times when everyone is the house was sick at the same time. He was there in that situation. When I thank Him for His abundant financial blessings, I recall those times when not having enough money was all I could think about. Again, God was there in that situation, just like He has been in every situation.

Luke 12:7 says “why, even the hairs of your head are numbered…” God is not absent from our situations. Reflecting on what you are thankful for should also allow you to recall those tough times that God was there in the midst of your trials. We are known by the King! This week, let your gratitude come from a place of how God has helped you become triumphant. It is really easy to say “thank you for allowing me to pay my bills”. It is another thing, another level of gratitude to say, “thank you for those times when I barely had enough money and how you have now brought me to a place of overflow”. Let’s dig deep to show our appreciation to a God who deserves all of our praise!

Visit again next week for my last post on the gratitude challenge!

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