• Raynika Battle

Conversations with God (pt.1)

Come near to God and he will come near to you - James 4:8a

What we think or how we feel about a person influences the way we talk to them. Think about it. You talk differently to your boss than you do your best friend. You talk differently to a stranger than to your spouse. In these cases, what is the overarching similarity? Relationship. The relationship you have with someone will have a large effect on how you communicate with them. Now compare how you talk to your co-worker as opposed to your mom or dad. Noting the differences shouldn’t hard when you look at it from the context of the relationship you have with them.

Write something to express your heart towards God

What does your relationship with God say about your conversations with Him? I can remember being in college and being afraid to pray out loud. My relationship with God was at a point where I was fully aware of who He was but I didn’t understand that He loved to hear the sound of my voice. Fast forward to today where I have had the opportunity to stand in front of crowds and pray from a point of deeper relationship. I journal on regular basis to express my thoughts towards God and to write what I hear from Him. How close are you to God? Some may think “well, not as close as I should be or want to be”. Don’t let anything stand in the way of having a conversation with God

Join me on a journey to deepen your relationship with God!

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