• Raynika Battle

4th Quarter is Coming.....

I read an article today from a web design firm and they posed an intriguing question. “Are you ready for next year?” The question was prefaced by stating that this is the beginning of the busy season for people. Kids are going back to school, the holidays are just around the corner, and before you realize it, the year is over. Essentially, they wanted their readers to know that we are about to enter the last three months of the year…the 4th quarter...are you going to repeat everything you did this year and hope for success, or are you going to do something different? We should ask ourselves the same question when it comes our prayer life and relationship with God.

When I read the words 4th quarter, it actually made me first think of football. Whether it is football or the last part of year, what am I doing to prepare myself to not only win in this next season, but go into the next quarter, a champion? My first thought, was prayer. Like football teams across the country, what is my strategy to ensure that I come out on the winning side and overcome every obstacle? What does that look like in regards to prayer? That means dedicating time every single day to have a conversation with God and reading His word. The results will be astounding. In general, talking with someone gives you a better sense of who they are and builds your overall relationship. That is exactly what we want, to have our best relationship with God as we enter in the final months of the year so that we have the best start to 2019.

Come up with a strategy, stick to it, write down your prayer requests and watch God respond!

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